Fishing Charters in Miami Florida by Captain Pier Milito

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Fishery Conservation

Mar. 9th | Posted by Captain Milito 0 comments
Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you enjoy sight fishing? Do you enjoy the sound of a screaming reel drag? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions your probably going to want your kids and their kids to enjoy it as well. Things we must do as responsible fishermen: 1. Protect [...]

Fishing Techniques

Mar. 8th | Posted by Captain Milito 0 comments
If you already apply or are willing to learn new techniques that I will mention in this article you will be a “good angler” in my book. Being a good angler will allow you to hook up and land more fish, isn’t that what fishing’s all about? First we start with tying the hook, fly [...]

Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Dec. 2nd | Posted by Captain Milito 0 comments
Time and accuracy (quick & accurate) are two components that can make or break fly anglers when fishing for tarpon on the fly. Time can be broken down by saying “getting the fly out in front of the tarpon as quickly as possible” but only after you have spotted the fish and know which direction, [...]